Are you still considered natural taking Vintage Muscle?



This morning here in Utah I just wanted to go over a quick question we had that sparked some controversy in the Vintage Muscle community. We had a new member that recently purchased and he came in and asked "are you considered natty if you take a Vintage Muscle Stack?" and it sparked off quite the conversation. I believe there are about 40 comments on that post in the community. So I wanted to give it my thoughts and kinda my perspective on it and you guys can decide on your own. 


There's a lot of debate these days over what it means to be natural. Some people say that if you take any supplements at all, you're not natural. But is that really true? When I go into if someone is natty, you have to define natty. There are multiple ways you can define natty in someone's opinion. Now, whether it's the scientific definition that's not my goal here. So, I decided to divide it up into three different ways. The first being: 


1) Is it legal?

That's is how some people define being natural. They define that hard-line as is it something illegal or is it something legal. If you're going off that form of judgment, then you'd be completely natural if you took Vintage Muscle Supplements. People are always concerned with the question: "Well will I test positive on drug tests?" And as long as it's a work-related drug test which is testing for like meth and those types of derivatives, then they obviously aren't going to be testing for any type of anabolic hormones in your system. If your definition of natty is that, then yes you are natural. 


The next definition is where it gets a little more controversial. Some people define it as 2) "hormonal". They decide okay if there's hormonal supplementation going on, I no longer consider that person natty. In that way, you would not be natural if you are taking Vintage Muscle stacks. this is because when you're taking these products, you're taking an external source of a hormone that helps you build muscle. Now, there are a few products that don't do that in the Vintage Muscle lineup, but the majority of them take advantage of that anabolic precursor to add more hormone to your body's overall anabolism. If you considered hormonal support or advantage in your definition of not natural, then no you are not natty if taking Vintage Muscle stacks. My perspective and I'm guessing many of you will agree with me:


3) is the source natural?

With how the FDA has passed certain laws since 2012 banning any sort of methylated type p, what happened is the only remaining type of over-the-counter anabolic precursor are all from naturally occurring sources. If you look into the science of these products like the Epiandrosterone in our Alpha Test Stack, which comes from pine tree extracts.



Or if you look into the DHEA derivatives, 



those come from things like pig testicals. Now, technically the argument to the FDA is well this is a naturally occurring hormone because if I was supplementing my diet with pine tree extract or pig testicals, I would be getting more of this hormone that is helping me achieve my fitness goals. In my opinion I believe there is a huge between in a DHEA derivative that occurs naturally in nature compared to someone injecting something like Tren. Or someone taking a methylated pro-hormone. My opinion is if it is naturally occurring, that is where I cut that line. It gives a lot more leeway and keeps all the Vintage Muscle customers considered natty.


Alpha Test Stack With the natural Epiandrosterone


So, is Vintage Muscle legal? Do you consider something to be “natural” if it occurs in nature? The bottom line is this: whatever you decide to call it, there are pros and cons for both sides of the argument. We want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Is there a definitive answer when it comes to what makes something natty or not? Let us know in the comments below!