Laxogenin Review: The Plant Sterol Alternative To Var? (5a Hydroxy Laxogenin)

5a Hydroxy Laxogenin


Laxogenin, more technically referred to as 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin, is a powerful muscle building supplement that is finding increasing popularity in bodybuilding and athletic circles. That said, it is still only just making its way into mainstream awareness, meaning that it can still be a powerful tool for those that want to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

In this post, we will take a look at the benefits of Laxogenin and how it can help to significantly improve your results and performance in the gym.


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Laxogenin Basics

Laxogenin is a plant compound that is naturally occurring. It comes from a category of compounds that are referred to as brassinosteroids. Another example of a brassinosteroid? Mustard!

Laxogenin of course has some different properties as compared with mustard, however. It is much closer to the plant steroid ecdysterone, which is found in spinach among other food sources. What makes this interesting, is that it has similar properties in terms of its effects as compared with the widely-used steroid Anavar.

Laxogenin vs Anavar

So what does laxogenin do and how does it compare with Anavar? Is this a prohormone? A steroid? Or just a herbal remedy for increasing testosterone?

The answer is that it isn’t quite any of those things, but has similarities with all of them.

Laxogenin is instead a product that contains a substance that is chemically similar to testosterone. This means that the body can use it like testosterone, in order to stimulate increased hypertrophy, rapid recovery, improved mood, and motivation… etc.


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Benefits and Risks

First, let’s get the question of risks out of the way. The good news here is that laxogenin comes with no known side effects of risks. This is a completely natural product that works without increasing or decreasing hormones such as testosterone or estrogen. This means that it cannot lead to many of the side effects that we associate with steroids: such as hair loss, acne, mood swings, sweating, insomnia, etc.

It also means that laxogenin will not convert to estrogen and therefore cause issues like gynecomastia!

The best way to think about the way laxogenin works is as being somewhat similar to caffeine. Caffeine works because it has a chemical structure that is similar to another substance in the brain: adenosine. This allows caffeine to interact with adenosine receptors, and to thereby help reduce brain fog and keep the body awake.

Similarly, laxogenin can interact with androgen receptors – but this time stimulating them to increase hypertrophy and tissue repair. In the brain, it will encourage increased motivation and energy through a similar mechanism.

So put simply, what can you expect the benefits of laxogenin to be? Users report:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Elevated protein synthesis
  • Reduced protein break down
  • Improved recovery
  • Reduced occurrence of injury
  • Better strength

You will find that while the effects are slightly milder than for some other products, you nevertheless notice an increase in performance in the gym, which translates to great muscle growth and recovery during your time off. You can expect the long-term result to be a generally improved physique, along with better energy and mood.


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Dosage Information and Cycling

The effects of laxogenin have largely been explored by studies conducted by the Soviet Union. Because laxogenin has no known side effects and doesn’t alter the production of testosterone, this means that there is no limit as to how long it can be used for. That said, many people will take laxogenin for roughly 3-4 months, before taking a short break to avoid adaptation and tolerance.

Generally, the supplement is taken orally, and with a serving size of roughly 25mg. You can take it in 3-6 smaller doses throughout the day, totaling around 75-150mg. Experiment with doses to find what works best for you, and consume with food in order to improve absorption.

For even better results, you might consider stacking laxogenin with other powerful muscle building supplements and products. Many people will use laxogenin with a prohormone, for example, this way it can provide double action by both increasing testosterone naturally, and by adding the secondary effects of additional testosterone-effects.

This can be stacked with several other supplements and nutrients too.

Of course, because one of the primary mechanisms of action when using laxogenin is increased protein synthesis, this makes it very important that you aim to increase your protein intake while using the supplement. Using a whey protein at 1g per 1lb of body mass is recommended.

There is no need to use a PCT (post cycle therapy) when using laxogenin. This is because – as mentioned – there are no know side effects of the supplement and it does not impact natural testosterone production. You can use laxogenin as a form of PCT!


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