Fat-Loss Hormonal Agent: Hydroxygenin by Vintage Muscle

Fat-Loss Hormonal Agent: Hydroxygenin by Vintage Muscle

Vintage Muscle has developed some of the most exciting prohormone products still allowed by law. While the majority of the Vintage Muscle ProHormone products are meant to help you gain muscle mass and enhance performance, there is one particular product developed with the sole purpose of helping you lose body fat really, really fast. Hydroxygenin is Vintage Muscle's flagship hormonal fat-loss agent, designed to utilize different hormonal pathways to speed up fat loss and preserve your muscle mass so you don't lose your gains, even as you cut down on calories. Keep reading on to learn about the powerful ingredients in the Hydroxygenin formula and what other Vintage Muscle products to stack it with for the best results. 


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What is Hydroxygenin?Hydroxygenin Ingredients.     2.1 Acacetin     2.2 Laxogenin     2.3 7-Keto-DHEA     2.4 T2 Best Results using Hydroxygenin with Prohormones.Best Products to Stack Hydroxygenin With.Hydroxygenin Before and Afters6 Videos About Hydroxygenin.

What is Hydroxygenin?

As mentioned earlier, Hydroxygenin is our flagship fat-loss supplement product. It is a fat-loss formula that supports muscle preservation, especially during cutting phases or periods of caloric deficit. This formulation utilizes a blend of metabolism and thyroid-boosting ingredients alongside muscle preserving natural anabolics.

Hydroxygenin Ingredients

Hydroxygenin is formulated with four potent ingredients, all working in synergy to help speed up fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. These ingredients include 7-Keto-DHEA, Laxogenin, Acacetin, and T2, each with distinct yet complementary functions. 

This compound helps maintain muscle mass and has anti-estrogenic properties. Both effects are essential for optimizing body composition and improving aesthetics. Read more...

An ingredient derived from the Smilax Sieboldii plant is included in the formula to give you that anabolic edge to preserve muscle mass. Read more...


A derivative of DHEA, 7-Keto-DHEA aids in fat loss via thermogenesis, helping you lose b quicker. Read more...

T2: (3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine)

This is a thyroid hormone metabolite that assists in fat loss by helping you burn more calories from the same activity levels. This well-rounded formulation creates a conducive environment to shed fat without losing hard-earned muscle. Read more...


The synergistic action of these ingredients makes Hydroxygenin a notable choice for those in the Vintage Muscle Community aiming for a leaner and more defined physique. 

Best Results using Hydroxygenin with Prohormones.

Hydroxygenin can be used as part of a cutting stack for faster fat loss, and although it already contains some anti-catabolic properties, it is possible to combine it with Prohormones for enhanced muscle anabolism benefits. It's crucial to follow the usage guidelines provided by Vintage Muscle, which include staying within four straight weeks of use and ensuring proper cycling. Make sure to take four weeks off Hydroxygenin after using it before starting the next bottle.

Best Products to Stack Hydroxygenin with

1-Androl: As a lean muscle gainer featuring high-quality 1-DHEA, 1-Androl is designed to help users build lean muscle mass efficiently 1 . When stacked with Hydroxygenin, the muscle preservation qualities of Hydroxygenin may complement the muscle gaining effects of 1-Androl, thus potentially creating a synergistic effect for individuals aiming for a leaner and more muscular physique.

Epi-Test: This is another prohormone product from Vintage Muscle known for increasing androgen levels and muscle growth. Stacking it with Hydroxygenin can enhance your cutting cycle by promoting muscle growth while aiding in fat loss and muscle preservation.

CHISEL: This is a combination of prohormones and fat-loss peptides and as the name suggests, it is formulated to help you chisel out a more defined physique. Its potent fat-burning and muscle-defining properties will work in synergy with Hydroxygenin's muscle preservation and fat loss benefits, leading to a more sculpted and lean physique.

Win-Test: Often used for its ability to flush out extra water weight while enhancing muscle strength and performance, it will form a potent stack with Hydroxygenin. The combination will provide a solid foundation for individuals looking to reduce body fat, preserve muscle, and improve overall strength and performance.

Hydroxygenin Before and Afters.

To see some hydroxygenin before and after pictures of other men using Hydroxygenin, make sure to head on over to our Facebook community, where you will find plenty of other men on the same journey you are on right now. 

Videos About Hydroxygenin.