Blaine’s Quick-And-Easy Two-Step Testosterone Routine

Blaine Was Burnt Out - But This Two-Step Routine Helped Him Get a New Lease On Life

More and more men are defying aging, while others are succumbing to it.

What’s the difference between these two groups of men? Quite simply - testosterone.

There’s no better example of this truth than Blaine. Just a few short years ago, Blaine was resigned to a life of feeling old, achy, and tired.

As a 40-something car salesman who was losing muscle, energy, and vitality day by day, he was ready to hang it up.

He thought the glory days were gone, with his youthful energy, muscle mass, and vigor.

But one day, he woke up, and something was sparked deep within him. Something that gave him a new determination to get his second shot at youth.

Today, Blaine is a new man - barely recognizable.

He’s JACKED and radiates confidence, energy, and vitality. His testosterone levels have SKYROCKETED, and he has a totally new lease on life.

Gone are his days of feeling sluggish and lacking drive. Instead, he wakes up each day with a pep in his step, ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way.

He’s ditched his job as a car salesman for a job that allows him to serve the world in a better way. He’s a better dad and husband. He and his wife’s relationship is stronger than ever.

Everything is looking up.

But the best part?

Blaine is now sharing his secret to this life-changing transformation with YOU. It all comes down to his simple and effective two-step system.

This is the exact two-step system Blaine followed to send his testosterone levels soaring, pack on attractive muscle mass, and revitalize his life.

Isn’t it time to reclaim your youth, and become the man you’ve always pictured yourself as?

Don’t wait any longer. Find out how Blaine did it, so you can too:

Step #1: Start With An Anabolic Explosion

Before any workout, Blaine places two drops of RAD-Mass under his tongue. RAD-Mass is an anabolic precursor - a compound that converts to testosterone when it enters the body.

This makes RAD-Mass one of the most anabolic, and safest, supplements available over the counter.

Within minutes, Blaine feels his energy levels buzzing as an anabolic nuke explodes in his system.

With this surge of energy, he’s able to dominate the weights, lifting heavier than guys half his age, and outworking them too.

The best part about this is, as much as RAD-Mass helps him gain muscle and strength that make him feel like a bull, it also helps with his recovery.

See, most men don’t know this, but testosterone also plays a key role in joint health, as well as your ability to recover from intense workouts.

This is because testosterone plays an important role in supporting joint health and recovery by reducing inflammation, increasing collagen production, and helping to keep the joints strong and healthy.

Step #2: The Midnight Potion

Blaine knows that if he REALLY wants to turn back the clock, testosterone isn’t the only hormone he needs. He also needs growth hormone.

You might’ve heard of athletes taking growth hormone in sports - and for good reason - it gives them superhuman recovery, allowing them to do MORE with less soreness. Over time, this gives them a competitive edge.

This said, almost every man would benefit from more growth hormone.

The problem is, after 20, growth hormone secretion drops off a cliff.

Now, there’s GH-Soma. GH-Soma supports recovery by helping you get deeper sleep (which can help growth hormone production in and of itself). More importantly, the star ingredient in GH-Soma is L-Dopa, an amino acid shown to increase GH-secretion by as much as 142%.

Blaine places a drop of GH-Soma under his tongue, pops the GH-Vita pills (which are packed with more vitamins and minerals that accelerate recovery).... And within minutes, he’s primed for a deep, restful, rejuvenating night of sleep.

No tossing and turning. No waking up in the middle of the night with pings and pangs. And most importantly - no soreness in the morning.

He jumps out of bed with a pep in his step, ready to conquer the day.

Blaine says, “I couldn’t do it without GH-Soma. It literally makes me feel 20 years younger.

It’s Blaine’s work ethic and consistency combined with the GH-Soma and RAD-Mass combo that has given him a new lease on life.

Blaine has a new drive, energy, and physique that men even half his age can’t hope to achieve.

And it all started with his hormones.

It’s clear, if you want to defy aging, start with the building blocks of what makes a man a man.

Over 52,204 other men 40+ are doing the same.

As a result, they’re feeling younger, building more muscle than they ever have in their entire lives, feeling stronger, and enjoying more energy and a bottomless pit of motivation.

We have thousands of success stories to prove it.

Are you ready to turn back the clock, reclaim your youth, and re-enter your prime?

The glory days aren’t over.

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Our founder, Jared Van-Yperen was diagnosed with a hormonal disorder at a young age. At just eight years old, he was prescribed growth hormone. This opened his eyes to the importance of hormones in a man’s life.

A lot of age related declines in muscle and metabolism go away when your testosterone levels are in check.” Jared said.

It’s amazing the changes a man experiences when he simply boosts his testosterone levels. He’s no longer tired all the time, he has energy to do the things he loves, and he becomes the hero of his life again.”

Before Jared started Vintage Muscle, he was a successful competitive bodybuilder AND competitive athlete.

In that time, he tried all the supplements his local supplement stores had to offer - and was left wanting more. It wasn’t until he discovered anabolic precursors that he found something that was worthwhile.

The problem was, these anabolic precursors were expensive, often mislabeled, and varied in effectiveness.

So he decided to create his own line - and that’s how Vintage Muscle was born.

Now, we’re the guys men come to when their age has caught up with them.

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