Vintage Vault #2: Mindset and Vision Transcription

Hello everyone, Michael-John Wolfe here with your second video in our Vintage Vault.

Now this is a very important video because oftentimes, our customers get so focused on the workouts, the science of the stacks, and all the logical things like that they ignore what's lying underneath everything, your mindset and personal discipline.

Now if you have reached this part of our Vintage Vault, then you’ve already got your minimum bodybuilder cheat sheet and pinup printed out. If you haven’t printed those out and been following them, go back to video one and get those printed and saved on your phone. 

We’ve designed this program in a specific order, and it is of crucial importance you complete each video before moving on to the next. Now make sure that's done, and let’s continue.

What I've learned in bodybuilding and fitness is there’s two things that are really important. One is understanding the science of workouts, diets, and all that stuff. The second is developing systems in your life to maintain the momentum of growth, and keeping that fire in your belly fed, and making sure we don’t steer off the tracks.

In this video, we are covering:

  • The Force Multiplier Equation, and why it’s so important when we are building muscle with our stacks,

  • Revealing why your motivation has disappeared 

  • The vital importance of optimizing our daily routine to stay on the rails

  • Creating our own “Pinwheel” pushing us to success

  • Hacking the universes momentum to create your own Physiques Vision, and why this is such a crucial step before we really get started.

As soon as you ordered any of our products, you made a commitment to yourself. 

Because as much as Vintage Muscle stacks and supplements can help you to accelerate your muscle growth, cut back on fat, and feel more assertive and masculine: they aren’t magic bullets.

The bottom line is this: NO supplement can get you jacked all on its own. YOU still need to put the time and effort in in order to see the best results. 

Look at it this way: a dumbbell is a crucial tool for getting you into amazing shape. But it’s not going to do much for you unless you actually pick it up.

Likewise, our supplements are designed to compound, enhance, and multiply your results: not trigger some kind of overnight transformation.

Perhaps the best way to think about this is to look at a term used in business: “force multiplier.” 

A force multiplier as the term is used in business, essentially means anything that helps a company to achieve greater output without changing the input. This allows said company to be more productive without increasing overheads or overworking staff.

The perfect example is the forklift truck. Let’s say you have 10 people moving palettes in a warehouse every single day. Without a forklift truck, they might manage to move 20 palettes. Give them each a forklift though, and suddenly you’re looking at 200 trucks moved in a single day!

The forklift is a force multiplier. It has taken the effort and the work of that team, but it has multiplied it to result in greater output.

But if you take a lazy workforce that is only moving 3 palettes a day currently, then that disorganized team will still probably only manage 10-30 palettes – even with the added technology.

So how are our products like force multipliers? 

Simple: they multiply your efforts to trigger greater results.

Having more testosterone and growth hormone running through your system for instance will make you more anabolic. That means that you’ll enjoy enhanced recovery: increasing your muscle growth and allowing you to train again the next day much harder than you otherwise could have.

Hypertrophy is biphasic though. That means it occurs in two stages. Anabolism on its own won’t make you stronger because it still requires a stimulus. 

The stimulus of course is training. It’s muscle damage, metabolic stress, and mechanical tension. During workouts, you send powerful signals to the body that tell it it needs to get stronger. You build up hormones in the muscles, direct increased blood flow to them, and cause tiny amounts of microscopic damage. This positive stress serves as the stimulus that triggers adaptation.

Now, while you’re resting, you will benefit from the increased protein synthesis and gene expression caused by training. Your body will get to work rebuilding the muscle fibers to make them thicker and stronger. And new neural tissue will form in the brain, increasing your muscle fiber recruitment for greater access to your existing strength. 

By using our products, you ensure this process will be maximized. Your body will send more blood to the muscle, it will ramp up protein synthesis, and it will act faster to knit together powerful muscle. 

This is especially powerful for those that are a little older – for those of us who still fondly remember the likes of Zane and Columbu in their prime. As we age our natural testosterone levels drop, meaning that we can’t rebuild muscle as effectively without a little help.

In fact, this is something EVERYONE can benefit from. The average male has pitiful testosterone levels compared to 50 years ago, which is often cited as the reason that many old-time strongman lifts still remain unmatched.

That’s why we made these products, and that’s why they really do get results.

BUT the point is that you STILL NEED THE STIMULUS to activate them. And you need to be CONSISTENT with that work. One brutal workout isn’t going to cut it: you need to treat training like a job. You need to work out just hard enough to trigger growth, and then come back the next day, and the next.

That will get anyone jacked, but if you add our products, it will get you super jacked. 

So with the best training program in the world, and with the best supplement stack backing you up… the responsibility still lies squarely on your shoulders!

Your success and your gains STILL come down to how much work you put in at the gym and how smart you are about the way you are working out. 

And in a lot of cases, this is a problem.

Why? Because a lot of people just don’t have the motivation, self-determination, or drive to put in the work they need to.

I really HOPE that you’re ordering our products with the intention of putting in hard work and seeing the best results of your life. 

But IF you are ordering our products because you can’t be motivated to train and you’re hoping that this is some kind of shortcut or “way around” the hard work, then you may as well be tipping your money down the drain.

But that’s not really fair. After all, you’ve come to us because you’re struggling to build muscle and we want to help. If you lack the motivation and drive to train properly and frequently, then this is something that we want to change just as much as we want to boost your anabolism!

So let’s take a look at the problem and then think about how we can go about solving it.

Why do you lack motivation to train?

Often it comes down to the fact that you are stressed, over-tired, and out of practice. We all live busy lifestyles – now more so than ever – and this leaves many of us depleted and empty at the end of the day.

Many of us struggle to find the energy and time to hold down our 9-5 jobs, while also balancing other commitments to our families. So what makes you think you can just “add on” 6 hours of working out per week and think it’s going to stick??

Something I want you to do right now, is to take a look at your current schedule and ask how you can regain some time and energy. What are you currently doing that you could do less of? What is sapping most of your energy?

Likewise, you should be conservative with your training goals and plans to begin with. Don’t launch into 6 hours of training per week if that hasn’t worked for you in the past: start with something smaller, like 2 hours, and then build from there as you gain momentum.

The great thing is that as you train, you will become more accustomed to that training. You will naturally have more energy, strength, and mental determination. It’s about building up momentum and then letting that momentum carry you.

In fact, you know what? Let’s take a moment to look at another concept from business. This time, we’re looking at something called the “pinwheel.”

A pinwheel is this somewhat heavy and oddly weighted wheel that takes effort to get spinning. However, once it starts spinning, this thing builds up so much momentum that it can’t be stopped.

In business, this metaphor is used to describe a number of different models that become self-perpetuating. An example given is Amazon. Amazon was slow to break into the ecommerce market and make a profit, partly because it offered low prices for its books (making it harder to attract publishers to stock its digital shelves).

But with time, shoppers got wind of those low prices and started looking to Amazon first for their books. That led to more publishers wanting to list their books on the site and that then attracted more customers. That small amount of initial momentum 

Something that DOES help is using these supplements. Thankfully, we also have androgen receptors in the brain, which is what makes some people more “alpha” than others. That also means that our stacks will affect your drive, assertiveness, and masculinity: giving you more energy to train.

It’s the same thing with strength training. Once you start lifting heavier weights, you then start building bigger muscle. That bigger muscle then means that you can continue to lift even heavier weights as the time goes on. It’s a virtuous cycle… a pinwheel!

This about our products as the spark to get you started: the ignition that will set you on your way and help you to keep on building greater and greater momentum with time. 

Again, it’s all about capitalizing on that.

So now it’s time to stop with the theory and to get practical: we need to set ourselves some concrete goals that we can work towards and we need to shift our mindset into one that will help us stick to them.

The key is to separate out the difference between a goal and a vision. You can create a worksheet to go along with this section.

Essentially, a vision is the end result you want to achieve, and the thing that will give you the biggest emotional response. This is the reason you wanted to train in the morning in the first place!

As Arnie himself puts it:

“No matter what you do, you first have to have a vision... to see your goal, to believe in it, have faith in it and chase it. And then it's fun to chase it. If you don't have a goal or a vision, then you have nothing.”

You need to be able to visualize this with absolute clarity: you need to know exactly where you want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years’ time. Focus on how it feels.

This is crucial because motivation and drive are born from emotions not logic. You can’t get into shape because you think it is the right thing to do: you need to have that fire in your belly. That means getting honest with yourself.

The more you focus on this vision and the more you picture it, the more it will begin to affect everything that you do. The more it will come to dominate your thoughts.

And then something amazing happens: it’s called the “law of attraction.” The more you believe in something, and the more you act like it’s already a reality the more likely that thing is to happen!

Little subtle changes to the way you hold yourself, the way you train, and more. All these things add up and mean that your sheer WILL will drive you inexorably toward where you need to be.

Some people have even likened this ability to “manifest your thoughts” to quantum physiques. We now know that the state of particles actually alters depending on our conscious awareness of them (look it up: it’s called the collapse of the waveform). That’s absolutely insane but it is a clear demonstration of how our thoughts shape our physical world. 

So get your worksheet, and write your vision out at the top. Make it clear, make it emotional, and make it detailed.

Next, you’re going to write down the steps you need to take to reach that goal: the individual things you need to do every single day. The habits and the actions that together become an unstoppable force for change.

Sticking to these steps IS the goal. And you’re going to tick off every day that you accomplish each of them. 

This kind of goal setting is proven to be the most effective because it is immediate, measurable, and directly within your control.

But your ability to stick with the goals will be BORN from your desire and motivation.

Again: the aim is to build unstoppable momentum. You’re going to try and create the biggest streak of wins on each point that you possibly can.

And if one day you miss a workout, or don’t get enough sleep? 

Then you just try your best again tomorrow.

Your everyday actions are what will define who you want to become.